"They want to see real unity and global cooperation throughout the international community to successfully address the humanitarian challenges that we face today. This is our goal."

How will we achieve it?   By Linking Up and Working Together.


Your Message to the World

"The message I would like to convey is really quite simple, we can do more together then we can individually. If we work together we can combat world hunger and poverty, we can tackle inequality and replace it with acceptance of individuality and freedom of choice. We can advance the human species as a whole, develop technologies to make the planet a greener and a safer place for us to live. We cannot do this while fighting each other over little nothings. No matter your race, gender, age, religion, we all have something in common, we are all humans and we should treat each other as such. until we realise that, we shall remain in this dark age."

Daniel Collins


Join this Humanitarian Collaboration

One People, One World - Logo

ALL humanitarian goals can be achieved through the unity and global cooperation of the International Community.

By adopting a 'unified approach' - starting with the humanitarian sector - we will be able to encourage global unity and cooperation throughout the world, thereby positively enhancing every sector of society for the benefit of all people.

FOUNDED BY: Humanitarian Individuals, Groups and Organisations around the world.


A 'unified approach' to positive change in the world requires a similar approach to the principles that will help to support this approach. The following principles serve only as a guide to help support positive change in the world. If you have a suggestion for a new principle, please feel free to submit your own.



Principles of unity and common purpose to help create a more unified world.

  • Global Cooperation based on 'shared interest' is wiser that global competition based on 'self-interest'.
  • Unity and common purpose is necessary in order to overcome individual 'conflicts of interest'.
  • Unity - through diversity - can powerfully engage all of our unique strengths towards a set a goals we share in common.



Postulates for a more ethical Economic System.

  • Under no circumstances should economic value be placed before the reverence for life.
  • The economy should exist to serve the people - not require the people to serve the economy.
  • Growth is not the same of development - and development does not necessarily need growth.
  • No economy is possible in the absence of environmental resources to support it.
  • The economic system is part of a finite system - hence infinite growth is impossible.



Respect for the Earth and its Environmental Systems.

  • The Earth's environmental systems exist in a delicate balance. For the sake of all life forms that co-exist on the planet, it is imperative that this balance be maintained.
  • We will implement sustainable solutions in all areas of our society.


Human Rights

Respect for a person's individual human rights.

  • Regardless of race, religion, culture, gender, sexual orientation, political or personal belief - each person is entitled to the same rights and freedoms as the next.


Do you have some key principles which you feel we should add? You are welcome to submit your own recommendations. Simply complete the following form.

Here is a collection of some Charters, Declarations, Principles, Ethics...that we also like and support. If you have others you know about, then please send us the details.

The Founding Family


TEDx Talk - Betsy Hall McKinney

A 'Declaration of Interdependence' put together by Betsy Hall McKinney.


"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for men and women to partner as never before in human history to declare that All Life is sacred and interdependent and to proclaim a new era in our nation based on the wisdom of using power in service to Love and for the good of All People and for the good of All Life, it is an enduring love for all of Creation that inspires this declaration."

Click on the following link to read the complete 'Declaration of Interdependence'.

The Earth Charter

The Earth Charter represents a set of 'values and principles' to foster a sustainable future.

"We stand at a critical moment in Earth's history, a time when humanity must choose its future. As the world becomes increasingly interdependent and fragile, the future at once holds great peril and great promise. To move forward we must recognize that in the midst of a magnificent diversity of cultures and life forms we are one human family and one Earth community with a common destiny. We must join together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace."

Click on the following link to read the full text of 'The Earth Charter'.

If you are interested in collaborating with others to help create a better world for everyone, then we'd be delighted to hear from you. The world's problems all require our urgent attention. By 'uniting and working together', we will all SUCCEED - through addressing the global humanitarian challenges TOGETHER.


What is your Message?

Consider the global challenges that we face today. If you could share a message with the people of the world to help address those challenges...what would it be?