Global Conferences

LONDON 2014 Conference

Planning is nearly finalised for the LONDON 2014 Conference to take place on Saturday October 4th, 2014.

For the first time in our history, humanitarian individuals and groups are uniting under the banner of a single Organisation, and will work together to help address the world's problems. You can now reserve your seat below.

This will be a full participation Conference, where those attending will be encouraged to submit their ideas, get directly involved if they wish, and play an integral part in the development of this Humanitarian Organisation and its key goals.

Current Groups Involved:

These Groups, representing thousands of supporters, have already made a commitment to participate at the conference.

  • Change the Future
  • Cybernated Farm Systems
  • Elemental Practice LLP
  • Global Democratic Organisation
  • London College of Spirituality
  • Metadialogics
  • One Love Get Real
  • OnePeople International
  • Restlessbeings
  • The Founding Family
  • The Spring Project
  • UniteAndEvolve
  • VocalEyes
  • WeCanBeMore
  • WildLaw
  • WiseTalk
  • The Zeitgeist Movement (UK)
  • Zero State

We’ve never before been so capable of feeding, housing, clothing, educating & medically caring for ourselves as a people. The benefits we gain by unifying & working together as One People – Humanity – far outweigh the systems that keep us apart (social, cultural, spiritual, geographical, etc).

It’s time for us to share the planet in harmonious peace.

Mark Liberman Activist

Working Together

Humanitarian Organisation


The key principles that form the basis of this new 'International Humanitarian Organisation' are:

  • Unified and Globally Collaborative (Not Competitive)
  • Humanitarian Focused
  • Scientific / Evidence-based Approach
  • Direct Democracy (Public Consensus)
  • Internationally Supportive
  • Transparent
  • Open Source Global Community
  • Accountable to 'The People'