The conference goal was simple - To illustrate how a Unified Model based on 'global cooperation and shared interest' is a far more intelligent global model than the existing dysfunctional system. Any system based on 'economic competition and self-interest' will inevitably create many problems in the world, as it has been doing for centuries!   Unity can address the 'conflicted state of society' and resolve its major problems.

A NEW Unified Model would 'psychologically align humanity' and ALL COUNTRIES towards a set of shared goals that benefit them all. It would globally unite governments IN PARTNERSHIP - not competition. They would now cooperate and work together. This global unity and cooperation will result in an end to all war and conflict in the world. War and extreme violence simply cannot exist in a 'united and supportive world'. They are incompatible - like love and hate. You cannot experience both at the same time.

Global Unity is the NEXT STAGE in the natural evolution of human society - Family's to Tribes, Tribes to Local Communities, Local Communities to National Governments, National Governments to a Global CommUnity - or One People, One World.

We have steadily progressed from tribal to community leadership, community leadership to town councils, town councils to national governments (with each country evolving through that process in its own way) - and must now progress from national governments to some form of 'International Humanitarian Organisation of the People'. This Unified Organisation needs to represent our highest human ideals and shared global collaborative vision of a better world for all.

The first One People, One World Humanitarian Conference was designed to present the benefits of a united world, and to illustrate that there is actually NOTHING STANDING IN OUR WAY OF IMPLEMENTING IT. The global humanitarian community ALREADY has the numbers to make this happen. It just needs to UNITE!



ALL countries and their respective governments are bought into 'Unified Collaboration' via
an 'International Humanitarian Organisation of the People'

Today - Government's compete AGAINST each other which results in distrust and a breakdown in international relations. Political Party's compete aggressively which leads to constant personal conflicts and infighting. Businesses endlessly try to out-compete their competition which inevitably leads to job losses and economic stress in people's daily lives. Is any of this behaviour 'intelligent'?

Due to a globally competitive system, humanity as a people - is in constant 'conflict with itself'. Would we behave the same way, if global society was instead based on global unity and cooperation?

A unified model positively transforms society at all levels. As a people, it psychologically aligns humanity to an agreed set of global goals that will benefit everyone. It allows humanity to build the global foundation for an intelligent, truly positive and fair society for all. ALL COUNTRIES would mutually benefit from the great ideas that we all contribute to global society to create a better world. This approach unites us as a people in every possible respect, as it is 'truly supportive' - not selfishly competitive.

As this model would also align all National Governments to the same set of global collaborative goals, it would build positive relationships throughout the world. A 'globally collaborative scientific framework' would also phenomenally improve the positive benefits that science, medicine and technology can offer to the world, thereby producing scientific and medical cures to today's challenges so much faster!

If we genuinely want to improve society and the state of the world, it's time to unite and work together as ONE PEOPLE.



A great deal of time and effort goes into planning a conference. In the event that this information could benefit others, we have made it openly available. This is also inline with our focus on transparency and 'working together as a people'.


Creating a Better World:

Global unity and cooperation can only be achieved through partnership towards a common set of goals that we all share as a people. Our thanks to these Supporters, Groups and Organisations that have currently made a commitment to work together to create a better world for all.

Name Website Channel
Atfalouna Social & Family
Change the Future Education
Cybernated Farm Systems Environment
Elemental Practice LLP Economics
Global Democratic Organisation global democratic organisation Collaboration
FORIFO Education
London College of Spirituality Lifestyle
Medbox Health
Metadialogics - In Development Collaboration
One Love, Get Real Unity
OnePeople International Collaboration
Peace in the City Peace / Lifestyle
Restlessbeings Social & Family
Rupert Spira Lifestyle
The Founding Family Unity
The Spring Project Economics
TimeBanks Community
UniteAndEvolve Unity
Vocal Eyes Collaboration
WeCanBeMore Economics
Wildlaw UK Unity
WiseTalk Education
The Zeitgeist Movement (UK)‎ Resource Management
Zero State Collaboration

Promotion Channels:

London 2014 Humanitarian Conference - Poster

This conference was promoted through numerous channels. A range of posters were printed and displayed at various universities around London and in a few cafes. Some were handed out in Street Stalls in partnership with TZM (Our thanks to Mark Liberman for his support). Emails were sent out to Student Unions in the 'Greater London Authority'. The Conference was promoted on various websites and a few libraries. A decision was made not to advertise through the National 'Metro' newspaper as it would have lacked target audience focus. At this stage, the focus is to reach out to the 'humanitarian community' - not the general public. Instead, invites were sent directly to humanitarian focused people via the sites and in partnership with the London College of Spirituality (LCS).

Posters / Flyers:

The following resources are available for download:


London College of Spirituality:

London College of Spirituality - Website

This conference was also promoted in partnership with the 'London College of Spirituality' (LCS).

Unity in Action:

Unified Design

ALL Countries and their respective Governments UNITE and WORK TOGETHER to resolve the
global challenges and create a BETTER WORLD for EVERYONE.

This Conference was designed to represent a 'Unified World' where humanity works together as a people - to create a better world for ALL.

Twelve Tables (representing common sectors of society - Education, Environment, Economics, Health, etc.) encircle a central table which symbolically represents an 'International Humanitarian Organisation of the People'.

Instead of National Governments competing AGAINST each other like they do today, this 'International Humanitarian Organisation' would UNITE the National Governments of the world - and all governments would now COLLABORATE and WORK TOGETHER to create a better world for EVERYONE.

Humanity would now be united as ONE PEOPLE.

Conference Numbers:

Conference Bookings

Taking into account the specific design layout of the conference, a maximum number of 232 seats were allocated (with 4 Main Floor seats being reserved).

This was split into two sections:

  • Main Floor Seats (92 seats - Donation)
  • Balcony seats (140 seats - FREE)

ALL seats were BOOKED OUT by the time of the conference with the balcony seats being booked out 1 month in advance. An extra 30 seats were provisioned for non-attendees. A Waitlist was also put in place which had 84 seat bookings on the list by the time of the conference.

In TOTAL, when factoring in the seat bookings on both the 'LCS Meetup and Eventbrite sites' - more than 400 people showed an interest in attending the conference.

Even so, people still missed out on the day unnecessarily. Many on the Waitlist could have attended if others had simply let us know that they could not make it. This was one lesson from the day. This is also one of the reasons this detailed review was put together - to give those that missed out, the opportunity to still experience much of the event as it happened on the day.

Conference Costs:

As much as many of us would love to live in a technically advanced and intelligent FREE Society, humanity has not yet transitioned to that point. This conference was never about balancing the costs. It was always expected that additional personal funds would be needed to support the conference and its important message. These additional funds were factored in from the beginning.

Thanks to ALL that made a donation towards one of the 'Main Floor' seats which helped offset some of these costs.

Name Details Costs Donations Feedback Order / Invoice
A1 Posters A1 Poster £28.56 Great Quality, Quick Service. A1 Poster - Invoice
Print24 A2 Posters
A3 Posters
A4 Brochures
A5 Brochures
Great Quality, Quick Service. A2 Posters - Invoice
A3 Posters - Invoice
A4 Brochures - Invoice
A5 Brochures - Invoice
Conway Hall 1 Day Hire (Saturday Oct 4th, 2014 - 9am to 5pm)
Main Hall, Kitchen and Lobby Hire
Equipment - PA System, 2 Handheld Mics, 1 Headset Mic
PFEvents Technical Support - 8 Hours
£1740.00 Cost effective venue relative to other options in London. Great Technical Support. Be careful of Air-Con - can be very warm even in winter. Conway Hall - Invoice
Conway Hall Headset Mic - Invoice
Yahire Conference Tables, Linen, Screen, Teacups. £442.33 Very reliable service. Delivered and picked-up on-time as specified. Yahire - Invoice
PrintDesigns Conference Stands x 2 £108.00 Great Quality, Quick Service. PrintDesigns - Invoice
Eventbrite Conference Bookings / Donations £439.43 Full featured conference booking site. Conference Seat Bookings/Donations

These were some of the principal conference costs.

Extra costs were also incurred - Name badges, conference pens, table place card holders, biscuits, tea, coffee, photocopies, etc.

Conference Handouts:

One People, One World - Infographic


As discussed in the Talk on Unity by Grant Dive (One People, One World), this infographic highlights the benefits of humanitarian individuals, groups and organisations working together towards global unity and cooperation.

Click the Infographic to download the PDF document.


Deep Green Economy


As discussed in the Talk on Economics by Rupert Read (Green Party), this infographic highlights the benefits of a deep green economy based on principles of sharing and equality.

Click the Infographic to download the PDF document.

Camera Crew:

Vania Flaccomio

The Event was filmed by a talented Camera Crew from Westminster University. A huge thank you to Vania, Aaron, Ashley & Alex for their dedication and professionalism on the day. They have produced many hours of digital footage from the day which will take quite some time to edit.

It takes long hours of work to edit video footage to a professional standard. We will be posting more videos and photos on the site in the weeks ahead and will update everyone when it becomes available.

Thank You.

London College of Spirituality:

London College of Spirituality

This first conference was about communicating an important message to the global humanitarian community - "We are capable of addressing the world's global challenges but we need to 'unite and work together as a people' to make it happen."

In support of that key message, Vaz, Himesh, Aang and the team at the London School of Spirituality offered some great support to the Event. We are sincerely appreciative of their efforts. Please check out the link for more information about the talks and events that they offer at LCS.



James Phillips / TZM:

Also, special thanks to James Phillips for the use of the TZM Technology Stands for the Event. It was greatly appreciated. In a 'Unified World', these stands referenced various forms of technology that could be implemented IMMEDIATELY and very efficiently to help benefit global society as a whole.




Grant Dive



  • Transition Specialist - Global Unity & Cooperation
  • Humanitarian Founder / Author / Writer / Public Speaker
  • Project Manager / Microsoft MCT / Technical Computer Expert
  • Other Key Skills: Expert Knowledge of 'The Psychology of Humanity, Global Society and its Systems', with specialist skills in Human Psychology, Intelligence and Understanding, Pre-Cognitive Communication Styles, Politics, Science and Technology, Philosophy, Principles and Practices of Personal Development, Martial Arts and Spiritual Wisdom.

LIFE FOCUS: To encourage humanity to Unite and Work Together as ONE PEOPLE. Unity will bring out the best in each of us, and allow us to 'work effectively as a people' to address our global challenges - together.



UNITY: When facing a global crisis, how should we respond?

TITLE: UNITY - When facing a global crisis, how should we respond?

Overview: "By uniting as a PEOPLE, we can put an end to the 'conflicted interests' of National Government's and society throughout the world." It is the 'conflicted state of humanity' based mainly on 'economic competition and self-interest' that creates the massive majority of humanity's problems - war, poverty, greed, economic inequality, political aggression, environmental destruction, etc. Historically, individual country's united 'nationally' (National Governments) to put an end to the conflicted interests of their 'local communities'. 'Global Unity' is simply the next step in our social evolution as a PEOPLE which we now need to take, to resolve the 'conflicted interests of national governments' and society as a whole.

Mumta Ito



  • Founder - International Centre for Wholistic Law
  • Initiator of a 'European Citizens Initiative for the Rights of Nature'
  • Former City Lawyer
  • Holds a vision of law that facilitates healthy relationships with all life based on a paradigm of restoration,
    reparation and healing.



Wholistic Law and the Rights of Nature: Co-Creating a New Legal Paradigm

TITLE: Wholistic Law and the Rights of Nature: Co-Creating a New Legal Paradigm

Overview: Mumta Ito, a former city lawyer and founder of the 'International Centre for Wholistic Law', outlines some of the key problems with International Law and its lack of recognition for the 'rights of nature'.

Rupert Read



  • GREEN PARTY MP Candidate - Cambridge
  • Reader in Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, specialising in the philosophy of economics and
    of ecology
  • Works with Nassim Taleb, author of 'The Black Swan', seeking to make a new case for the Precautionary Principle
  • Chairs the Green House Think Tank, whose new book on their post-growth project is out this week



A Deep Green Economy: A new paradigm for Economics.

TITLE: A Deep Green Economy: A new paradigm for Economics

Overview: Rupert Read, Green Party MP Candidate for Cambridge (UK), shares some important insights about the existing economic system and offers an alternative vision based on the economic challenges that we all face today.

James Parker



  • International Policy Advisor and Strategist / Humanitarian Expert
  • Former Policy Advisor for the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC)
  • Worked for leading NGO's, the Fabian Society Think Tank and with Cabinet Ministers in Parliament
  • Organiser and Coordinator of various humanitarian groups / Author / Writer
  • Holds a Degree in Politics and Masters in International Law
  • Other Key Skills: Over 15 Years experience studying International Politics, Human Rights, Environmental Law, Philosophy and the Heart of Wisdom, and is also an International Award-Winning Conjuror and Philosophical Illusionist

LIFE FOCUS: To help teach people the deeper aspects of life so that we can live together in the recognition of unity and work together to create a wiser society for the whole of humanity.



How can unity solve the growing environmental crisis

TITLE: How can unity solve the growing environmental crisis

Overview: The current international system cannot solve the growing environmental crisis. Only intelligent collaboration and unity across the world with the aim of creating a wise humanitarian system can help humanity solve the growing crisis.

James Phillips



  • GLOBAL Education Spokesman / TZM EDUCATION
  • Technology and Resource Management Expert
  • Public speaker, radio show host and coordinator for The Zeitgeist Movement since 2010. Education speaker engaging younger people in Schools about the potential that science and technology possess for solving human and environmental problems. For more information -
  • Other Key Skills: Has been speaking and writing articles related to social theory, human behaviour, science, technology and environmental sustainability since 2010 through his work with 'The Venus Project' and 'The Zeitgeist Movement'.

LIFE FOCUS: To leave the planet better than how I found it by helping build a robust sustainable socio-economic system capable of meeting the needs of every human on Earth.



WORLD UNITY: The Technical Approach

TITLE: WORLD UNITY: The Technical Approach

Overview: James Phillips, Global Education Spokesman for TZM Education, public speaker and radio show host, presents a Talk about how global unity can be approached from a technical perspective.

Mark Liberman



  • TZM Advocate & Transition Activist / TZM
  • Network Engineer, Consultant and Microsoft Trainer for 15 years
  • Mark has been a pro-active member of The Zeitgeist Movement for a number of years. He has an in-depth knowledge of the various forms of technology available today, and how it could be used effectively to meet the needs of humanity in a more globally unified world.



Transition to a Resource Based Economy

TITLE: Transition to a Resource Based Economy

Overview: Mark Liberman, TZM Advocate and Transition Activist, shares some valuable insights into how humanity can transition towards a more technologically efficient and intelligent world.





Session 1: Your Shared Goals

Some interactive group exercises were designed to highlight the common ground of the humanitarian community and its ability to work together towards a set of shared humanitarian goals.

Session 1: Your Shared Goals

TIME: 15mins
This is your world. How would you like to see humanity behave ‘as a People’? What kind of vision do you have for the world and how it can be, when humanity works together as a people?

Task: List down as many unique global ‘humanitarian goals’ that you would like to see humanity put in place. For example, ‘World Peace’ may be one, ‘Directly Address Poverty’, ‘100% Clean Energy conversion’ could be others, etc. List your goals as concisely as possible.

Decision Factor: Everyone at the table MUST AGREE on the goal - otherwise you cannot add it to the list for your Table.

Explanation of the Exercise:

This exercise was designed to 'symbolically' illustrate a single idea - 'If the global humanitarian community simply unites and works together - INDIVIDUALS, GROUPS and ORGANISATIONS (tens/hundreds of millions) - and speaks as a SINGLE UNIFIED VOICE - it ALREADY HAS the necessary numbers and support to ACHIEVE ITS GOALS - TODAY!'

Alone - groups are too weak. They lack the numbers and necessary support to truly sway political and public opinion. They produce too many soundbites, often overlapping on the message, that people get tired of hearing the same messages again and again. And even worse, they end up 'competing AGAINST each other' for funds and support which creates negativity. UNITE and WORK TOGETHER - and ALL become stronger in every possible respect.

This exercise was not designed to be some kind of 'defining process' of how decisions could, or should be made by the IHO. Here are a few more relevant points:

  • Why was a full consensus asked for in this exercise? Will people/groups 'unite and work together' towards a goal or set of shared goals if they don't even agree with them? To achieve unity in the humanitarian sector, people must 'define and AGREE with the goals' that they want to see happen.
  • Why does the wording of the goals need to be kept very clear and simple? Human beings can be 'hyper-sensitive' to words and/or phrases. By keeping the wording 'very simple' - it helps to avoid confusion/problems. If you state as one of your goals, 'Let's End Poverty' - consensus should be easy. However change the wording to 'Let's create abundance and wealth for all people'...and you will immediately have people questioning that statement. What do you mean by abundance/wealth? Does that mean we own lots of things? What about the earth's resources? Etc.

Session 2: International Humanitarian Organisation (IHO)


Session 2: International Humanitarian Organisation (IHO)

TIME: 15mins

In the first session, you demonstrated a commitment to a set of shared global goals. What happens when the global humanitarian community ‘decides to unite and work together towards those shared goals?’

An ‘International Humanitarian Organisation of the People' would greatly help to unite the global humanitarian community. With significant membership numbers, resources and global support, it would successfully unite our divided world and achieve the shared goals defined in the first interactive session.

This Organisation would need to be formed ‘by its members’. Today - you are starting that process. Through global humanitarian collaboration, Individuals, Groups and Organisations could more effectively support one another and ‘work together’ to create a better world for all.

How would this Organisation need to function to be truly effective and gain the necessary support? What kind of Organisation would you want to see it become?

Task: Create a General Framework (Blueprint) for this Organisation

Create a ‘general list’ of requirements that the IHO would need to operate effectively in helping to unite the humanitarian community and engage people worldwide. This list can include anything from Standards (Independent Leadership Assessment Standards), Principles (Open and Transparent Framework), Practical Elements (Financial Support), Membership System, Representative Body (A Leading Member from each Humanitarian Group), etc.

Decision Factor: This time only a ‘majority consensus’ is required from the Group table to agree on your general suggestions.

The results and feedback from this interactive session will soon form part of the framework for a NEW ONLINE ORGANISATION.


Explanation of the Exercise:

After recognising that the humanitarian sector clearly shares a 'common set of goals', the point of this exercise was to encourage those attending to begin work on a 'blueprint' for how they could unite as a 'single unified organisation'.

It is necessary to 'unite the numbers of all groups' if they are ever to have the ability to make a truly positive impact in the world. It is essential that humanity begins to truly WORK TOGETHER as ONE PEOPLE. As the global humanitarian community is very much on the same psychological wavelength, that is where this global process needs to begin.




Feedback Forms & Comments:

Conference Feedback

A few comments posted on the LCS Meetup Site

When reviewing the feedback forms from the event, the comments were positive and very supportive. This was a very welcome result to which many people deserve due credit. Such a conference is ALWAYS a TEAM EFFORT!

The planning, promotion and organising of the event takes long hours, dedication and support. The Speakers have to give their best on the day. The Video and Technical Support Team need to stay focused throughout the day to capture good quality video and audio footage. Those supporting the conference behind the scenes who help to keep the tea, coffee and biscuits available throughout the day, help to make the event more comfortable and enjoyable. And finally those attending probably play the most crucial role of all. When people keep an open mind and respect the views of others, contribute 'positively and constructively' wherever they can, and everyone makes an effort to express the best of themself - it ALL helps contribute towards making the event a positive, inspiring and enjoyable experience.

So THANKS to EVERYONE that attended and helped to make the day truly special!

When humanity brings the very best of itself to the table, there are indeed no limits to the remarkable things that we can achieve as a PEOPLE.


So what's next?

ALL Countries and their respective Governments UNITE and WORK TOGETHER to resolve the
global challenges and create a BETTER WORLD for EVERYONE.

After the conference, the enthusiasm from the day naturally seemed to shift to considering what would follow next.

This 'Conference Review' was the first priority as many people missed out on the conference and the many important messages shared on the day.

Now that this has been completed, our attention will be turning towards the next part of a global transition strategy - Implementing a NEW Online 'International Humanitarian Organisation of the People'.

The old ways of aggressive competition and self-interest - of man against man - must fall away into the dark recesses of human history. And in its place, a new era of global unity and cooperation needs to take its place - a time when we UNITE as a PEOPLE and work together to create a better world for all.