How do we do it?


It is by far the one question that people ask the most - "How do we transition to a world based on peace, unity and global cooperation to address humanity's problems?"

Simple - We unite and work together as 'One People'. And the good news - This transition has already begun!

Globally, a transformation towards unity is also taking place. The internet has played a major role in this change. People now have instant access to news and global events. They are more informed and ideas are being shared more quickly. Our 'global consciousness' is waking up. When humanity unites as one people, it removes ALL LIMITS to its potential. There will be no more war, conflicts, poverty...etc. It will work together in cooperation to address every major problem in the world today.

The ultimate role of the International Humanitarian Organisation is to remove the ‘conflicted state’ between National Governments. This allows humanity to work together in true unity and global cooperation enabling it to effectively address every major humanitarian challenge in the world today.

After thousands of years, humanity has arrived at one of the most important transitions in its history. Your role in this transition is vitally important. It is you who will decide humanity's future.

Working Together

Humanitarian Organisation

International Humanitarian Organisation (of the People)

Transition - From Local to National to Global:


Historically, many countries previously transitioned to a 'national system' or government to address 'local' conflicts, divisions, self-interest...between regions/dynasties/competing groups, etc. Some form of 'national unity' or government was necessary to end the 'local divisions and conflicting interests'.

As human society has become more globalised, conflicting interests between National Governments have become an inevitable problem. So a transition towards 'global unity and cooperation' is now also required to address those divisions and conflicts of interest. However, this transition needs a humanitarian approach - not a political one.

Globally Conflicted System

Division, Competition & Self-Interest




Unity, Cooperation & Shared-Interest

World of Problems!

When humanity has 'conflicted interests' and does not work together as a People, this is the result:

  • War, Conflicts, Aggression, Weapon Sales...
  • Greed, Corruption, Tax Havens, Massive Wealth disparity...
  • Political Power Games between Governments, Distrust, International Spying, Computer Hacking,...
  • Serious lack of international cooperation, transparency or accountability...
  • Environmental Destruction, Pollution...
  • Extreme Climate Conditions, Food production problems...
  • Human Rights Abuses, Child Abuse...
  • Complete social breakdown in freedoms, trust, respect, privacy...

As a state of 'competitive self-interest' exists, people and politicians will resort to aggressive, illegal and other forms of negative behaviour in an attempt 'to win' - to beat their competition. They can be egotistical, arrogant, deceitful, manipulative, and even violent in their ambition to maintain profits, power, status, etc. This attitude will result in many poor decisions, all of which have a negative impact on the world.

To fix the World's Problems...


INFOGRAPHIC - The Transition Path (Click to View)


INFOGRAPHIC: The Transition Path


This Infographic highlights the 'TRANSITION PATH' and obvious benefits of a global collaboration between humanitarian focused individuals, groups and organisations around the world.

It highlights how they can ALL SUCCESSFULLY ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS by simply 'working together'.



A Unified Approach:


When you establish a foundation of unity, cooperation and 'common interest', people will make wiser decisions. Great ideas are not restricted by 'cost'. We base our decisions on the benefit that they offer to society. And with the focus now being global - not national - our approach becomes 'How can we build a better world together so that we ALL BENEFIT'?

This unified approach encourages everyone to engage 'positively' as we all benefit from the great ideas that we implement. This encourages everyone to look for the 'wisest' possible solution/s for any given problem - which results in significant improvements in every sector of society.

International Humanitarian Organisation (IHO)

The Organisation

International Humanitarian Organisation

The 'International Humanitarian Organisation' (IHO) is a collaboration of humanitarian individuals, groups and organisations from around the world. While so many truly want to help make a significant and positive difference in the world, a great majority recognise that the task is too great to achieve alone. We simply do not have the numbers, resources or necessary authority to implement the appropriate changes. Considered honestly and objectively, our best possible chance of SUCCESS is to UNITE and WORK TOGETHER!

Unite our goals, strengths, numbers, resources and determination to address the urgent problems that our world faces - and TOGETHER we can and will SUCCEED.

This is YOUR Organisation. It is for the People of the World. Each member of the Organisation will have the ability to collaborate with others, and by working together in cooperation, create a better world for all.

International Humanitarian Organisation


A 'Directive' simply refers to a priority or goal. The IHO will have two sets of directives.

Core Directives:


The core directives are the 'humanitarian goals' of the organisation. They are effectively the same common-sense goals shared by humanitarian individuals, groups and organisations around the world. This inclusive approach provides the basis for allowing all groups to unite and work together.

Here is a simple example of a 'core directive' as it may appear on the IHO Website.  

Collaboration Directives:


While the core directives provide the focus, the collaboration directives will provide the means to achieve them.

These directives will be decided by the IHO members. Through their global network of knowledge, tools and resources, they will coordinate and work together to come up with appropriate solutions which take advantage of their unity and collaborative spirit.

Working Together

Humanitarian Groups

As more and more humanitarian individuals, groups and organisations 'decide' to unite and work together for a better world, they create the necessary psychological and practical shift to help 'transition humanity' towards a NEW Model which will bring about peace and real change to the world. The following Groups have already made this commitment. They will form the official membership of the 'International Humanitarian Organisation' along with individuals around the world.

  • Change the Future
  • Cybernated Farm Systems
  • Elemental Practice LLP
  • Global Democratic Organisation
  • London College of Spirituality
  • Medbox
  • Metadialogics
  • One Love, Get Real
  • OnePeople International
  • Peace in the City
  • Restlessbeings
  • Rupert Spira
  • The Founding Family
  • The Spring Project
  • TimeBanks
  • UniteAndEvolve
  • Vocal Eyes
  • WeCanBeMore
  • Wildlaw UK
  • WiseTalk
  • The Zeitgeist Movement (UK)
  • Zero State
International Humanitarian Organisation


The key principles that form the basis of this new 'International Humanitarian Organisation' are:

  • Unified and Globally Collaborative (Not Competitive)
  • Humanitarian Focused
  • Scientific / Evidence-based Approach
  • Direct Democracy (Public Consensus)
  • Internationally Supportive
  • Transparent
  • Open Source Global Community
  • Accountable to 'The People'


While 'principles' provide the general basis for an Organisation's framework, it is essential that we live up to these principles by putting in place appropriate standards.

For example, it is no good talking about collaboration and cooperation to create a better world if people insist on wanting to compete AGAINST each other. This is the system we have now - and it doesn't work!

A set of standards should be put in place by the IHO Members. This will need to be done once the membership program begins.

The combination of an 'openly transparent approach' based on humanitarian 'principles' that are supported by relevant 'standards', equates to a system of 'integrity' that will ensure confidence and support.

For example, the IHO will always be 'openly transparent'. A set of standards will need to be put in place to ensure that the organisation operates transparently across all important areas - like key decisions and funding. Once those standards are in place, this will ensure there is solid integrity in place.





International Humanitarian Organisation


Why is an ‘International Humanitarian Organisation’ necessary?

It is vitally important for 3 key reasons:

  1. To unite our world, allowing humanity to work together as One People - for the common good of all.
  2. This unity will put an end to the ‘conflicted interests’ of National Governments which are failing to work together to address our global challenges.
  3. True global unity and cooperation will allow us to effectively address every major problem in the world today. It will allow us to make amazing advances in science, education and all sectors of society. Our true potential can now be fully realised.

What is the ‘International Humanitarian Organisation’?

The ‘International Humanitarian Organisation’ (IHO) is an Organisation dedicated to addressing every humanitarian related problem in the world today. It primary goals incorporate the ‘key goals’ of humanitarian groups and organisations worldwide - therefore allowing them to adopt a ‘unified approach’ for positive global change in the world.

What are its Primary Goals?

This is a list of the IHO’s primary goals.

  • Global Unity and Cooperation - Unite the Countries and Governments of the world in global collaboration. This is essential to address the ‘root cause’ of many of the world’s problems.
  • No more wars - Now that the world is ‘united towards a common purpose of a better world for all’ - all wars will end! It is our ‘global unity and common purpose’ that achieves this goal.
  • Direct Democracy/Consensus Support - Support for Direct Democracy and Consensus Involvement for Change in both the local and global community.
  • Address the Global Warming Crisis - In a united world, we will coordinate an efficient response to address the global warming environmental crisis and restore the ecological imbalances in the Earth’s eco-systems.
  • No more Poverty or Homelessness - We will directly address Poverty in all parts of the world.
  • Ethical Economics - Measures will need to be taken to ‘gradually transition’ the economic system into a more ethical framework until technology and society are sufficiently mature as to make the need for an economic system naturally redundant.
  • Implement a ‘Global Resource Management System’ - Necessary for the efficient management of the Earth’s resources and to eliminate wastage.
  • Open Source Scientific Community - Required to promote faster scientific advancement in crucial areas like clean energy, and to discover medical cures much faster.
  • Address the basic needs of society - Far too many people in different parts of the world are still going without easy access to food, water, education, etc.
  • Global Emergency Response Taskforce - Whenever disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes… occur, the global response of governments is often far too slow and inadequate. As a result, lives are lost unnecessarily. Resources are also often unavailable due to Governments not wanting to commit appropriate economic support. These issues need to be addressed.

Who are its members?

Any humanitarian focused person, group or organisation that would like to see humanity ‘work together in global unity and cooperation for the common good of all people’ so that we can address the major problems that we face today - is encouraged to join this collaboration as a member of this Organisation.

What measures will be taken to ensure that this Organisation does not end up with the same problems as National Governments?

Multiple safeguards will be implemented to ensure that the Organisation maintains the highest possible standards. This includes safeguards which NO National Government has today - a key reason why many have problems with political abuse of power, corruption and other such issues. These safeguards will ensure that this never happens in this Humanitarian focused Organisation.

These safeguards will include:

  • Direct Democracy - This Organisation will operate on a ‘Consensus’ basis. It will utilise the collective research and wisdom from all sectors of society, and look to action the recommendations that have the most scientific/evidence-based community support.
  • Total Transparency - This Organisation will always clearly state what it’s directives are, what actions it will take to achieve them, and openly invite comment and feedback from the public community for suggestions and/or possible improvements. The Directives and Actions will always be publicly viewable.
  • Fluid Leadership - This Organisation will not have a single leader - but many leaders that have the essential maturity to ‘collectively work together for the good of all people’. Others with similar maturity should be encouraged to take on a leadership role as well, so that leadership roles are always fluid - not static.
  • Accountable to ‘The People’ - This Organisation will always be totally accountable to the people it represents. If for any reason ‘the public’ lose faith in the leadership of the Organisation, they will always have the authority to replace its leadership based on consensus support.

In what respects is the IHO different from the UN?

The UN is a ‘politically controlled’ Organisation centred around the authority of the 5 ‘Permanent’ Security Council Members (US, China, Russia, France and UK) - each holding the power of a ‘veto’ vote over key decisions that are made. The UN is NOT equally representative of all countries at all. And to make matters worse, the 5 Security Council Members often fail to agree on important decisions due to their ‘conflicting interests’. For these reasons, it operates ‘well-below’ the potential of what it could be achieving to help humanity address its current challenges - which is indeed unfortunate for all of us.

In contrast, the IHO will definitely NOT be politically influenced. It is being built around a humanitarian/scientific framework as a ‘collaboration hub’ for individuals, groups and organisations around the world.

In terms of addressing the global humanitarian challenges that we face today (war, poverty, economic greed and disparity, environmental issues, etc) - the humanitarian sector ALREADY holds the solution to the world’s problems in its hands. IT IS THE SOLUTION!.

The problem is simply the lack of unity. Should the humanitarian sector unite as a ‘single voice’ of reason and common sense in the world, it will gain the support of the public to implement a ‘unified approach’ to address the global challenges we face. It needs to stop looking to governments to be the answer - and be the answer itself!

Adopting a unified approach, it can solve the world’s problems very quickly - and provide the necessary ‘model of unity’ to unite the governments of the world as well.

Each humanitarian individual, group and organisation is like a piece of the ‘transition’ jigsaw. Some are big pieces. Some are small pieces. But when they all ‘decide’ to unite and work together, the jigsaw will be complete and humanity will transition to global unity and cooperation throughout the world.