The following list of groups and organisations would collectively represent more than 100 million+ humanitarian supporters in the world!


This is sufficient to achieve the necessary global support to 'officially' implement an 'International Humanitarian Organisation' that can achieve 'all of their goals'.

So all that is required to put an end to so many of the world's problems...is for them to say: "YES" - We will work together in global cooperation with other groups, for the common good of all people.


The Humanitarian sector has the responsibility of transitioning the world towards global unity and cooperation. The time has come for us to stand together as ONE PEOPLE - to create a better world for al!


Humanitarian Groups & Organisations:


This category includes any group with a core focus on global unity, cooperation, declaration of world peace, international law, international government representation or a similar positive focus towards humanity working together as 'One People', for the common good of all.

Name Focus Website Supporter
Open Government Partnership Multilateral focus on promoting transparency, empowering citizens, fighting corruption, and strengthening governance opengovpartnership.org
Simpol Simultaneous Global Political Policy Initiative simpol.org
TEAMHUMANITY Global Unity and Cooperation Group teamhumanity.com YES
The Earth Charter Initiative Values and Principles to foster a Sustainable Future earthcharterinaction.org
The Elders Independent Group of World Leaders working together for peace and human rights theelders.org
The Founding Family Supporting Democracy, Interdependence and respect for life thefoundingfamily.com YES
UniteAndEvolve Under Development uniteandevolve.co.uk YES
Vision of Humanity Peace Focused Group visionofhumanity.org
Wildlaw UK Supporting Natural Law and Earth Centred Governance wildlawuk.org YES

This category includes any group with a focus on positive contributions to the general health sector, like Cancer Research, the British Heart Foundation, etc.

Name Focus Website Supporter
British Heart Foundation Medical Research Charity for Heart Disease bhf.org.uk
Cancer Research (UK) Medical Research Charity for Cancer cancerresearchuk.org
Medbox Medical Aid Library medbox.org YES

This category includes any group or organisation with a focus on clean energy solutions that can benefit global society.

This category includes any group with a focus on positive improvements to the global education and learning systems - whether by psychology, open discussion, technology, collaboration or other scientific based methods.

Name Focus Website Supporter
Change the Future Platform for Reshaping Education changethefuture.co.uk YES
FORIFO Continuing Adult Education Courses, since 1983 / Non-Profit forifo.org YES
Global Issues Global Issues affecting the World globalissues.org
WiseTalk Leading Wisdom to Action wisetalk.co.uk YES

This category includes any group with a core focus on the Environment.

Name Focus Website Supporter
350.org Global Alliance of Environmental Groups 350.org
Cybernated Farm Systems Sustainable Agricultural Farming Solution cyberfarmsystems.com YES
Friends of the Earth Environmental Organisation foei.org
Greenpeace Environmental Organisation greenpeace.org
Rainforest Alliance Environmental Conservation rainforest-alliance.org

This category includes any group with a core focus on collaboration - whether via software tools, social media, petitions, crowd-funding, direct democracy, etc.

Name Focus Website Supporter
38 Degrees UK Campaign Site 38degrees.org.uk
Avaaz Global Petitioning Campaign Site avaaz.org
Change.org Global Petitioning Campaign Site change.org
CircularSociety A Global Community for Social Impact circularsociety.com
Civil Society Forum Joint Strategic Thinking Collaboration Initiative civilsocietyforum.com
Code the Change Computer Programming with a humanitarian focus codethechange.org
Collectively Collective Collaboration in Action collectively.org
Global Democratic Organisation Democratic Principles based on Non-Violent Cooperation Global Democratic Organisation YES
Metadialogics Facilitating Democratic Collaborative Solutions metadialogics.org YES
One Community Open Source Blueprints for 'The Highest Good of All' onecommunityglobal.org
OnePeople International Non-profit Humanitarian Media Group onepeopleinternational.org YES
Partnership for Change Collaboration, Partnership and Social Entrepreneurship pfchange.org
Public Sphere Project Common Purpose Public Collaboration Network Site publicsphereproject.org
Upriser Social Collaboration Network Site upriser.com
VocalEyes Collaborative Software - Turning Ideas into Actions vocaleyes.org YES
Zero State Positive Social Change through Technology zerostate.net YES

This category includes any group with a focus on social enterprise, ethical business or positive transformation of the economic system.

Name Focus Website Supporter
Elemental Practice LLP Working with people who are working to a better future elementalpractice.com YES
Give as you Live A shopping and price comparison site that supports charities giveasyoulive.com
Kate Raworth Exploring Doughnut Economics kateraworth.com
New Economics Economics as if people and the planet mattered neweconomics.org
Positive Money Money Democratisation Group positivemoney.org
Transparency International Global Corruption Transparency Organisation transparency.org
The Spring Project A sustainable way of thinking and working that nurtures brilliance, human potential and well being springproject.co.uk YES
WeCanBeMore Ethical Business Leadership wecanbemore.org YES

This category includes any group with a focus on 'open source science', global resource management, technology and food production.

Name Focus Website Supporter
Open Source Ecology Open Source Ecological Management opensourceecology.org
The Zeitgeist Movement (UK) Sustainability Advocacy Organisation thezeitgeistmovementuk.com‎ YES

This category includes any group with a primary focus on food production or utilising technology with a general humanitarian focus, for example organic food groups, media groups, etc.

Name Focus Website Supporter
Food for Life Supporting healthier food in Schools and the Community foodforlife.org.uk

This category includes religions, new age groups, alternative health groups, personal development practices, and other related lifestyle choices that people choose to make. Due to the extensive list of unique categories here, there will be a range of Group Leadership roles required.

Name Focus Website Supporter
London College of Spirituality Grassroots Community for Spiritual Development londoncollegeofspirituality.co.uk YES
Peace in the City Personal Peace to Global Peace peaceinthecity.me YES
Rupert Spira Teachings of Rupert Spira youtube.com/user/rupertspira/ YES
The Sunday Assembly Global Movement that celebrates life sundayassembly.com

This category is for any group that has a general focus on helping to make a positive impact in their local community.

Name Focus Website Supporter
Finca Bellavista A 'Treehouse Community' designed to help protect the rainforest ecosystem and its species fincabellavista.com
Free and Real A sustainable community initiative on a small Greek island freeandreal.org
One Love, Get Real Community Campaign Action Group onelovegetreal.co.uk YES
Streetbank Community Sharing Project streetbank.com
TimeBanks Time based Service System tlv.timebanks.org YES
Transition Network Transition Initiatives for a healthier and happier Community transitionnetwork.org
Valhalla Movement Focused on creating a giant network of sustainable communities valhallamovement.com

In alphabetical order, these Supporters, Groups and Organisations are now working together for the common good of all.

Name Website Channel
Atfalouna atfalouna-marrakech.com Social & Family
Change the Future changethefuture.co.uk Education
Cybernated Farm Systems cyberfarmsystems.com Environment
Elemental Practice LLP elementalpractice.com Economics
Global Democratic Organisation global democratic organisation Collaboration
FORIFO forifo.org Education
London College of Spirituality londoncollegeofspirituality.co.uk Lifestyle
Medbox medbox.org Health
Metadialogics metadialogics.com - In Development Collaboration
One Love, Get Real onelovegetreal.co.uk Unity
OnePeople International onepeopleinternational.org Collaboration
Peace in the City peaceinthecity.me Peace / Lifestyle
Restlessbeings restlessbeings.org Social & Family
Rupert Spira youtube.com/user/rupertspira/ Lifestyle
TEAMHUMANITY teamhumanity.com Unity
The Founding Family thefoundingfamily.com Unity
The Spring Project springproject.co.uk Economics
TimeBanks tlv.timebanks.org Community
UniteAndEvolve uniteandevolve.co.uk Unity
Vocal Eyes vocaleyes.org Collaboration
WeCanBeMore wecanbemore.org Economics
Wildlaw UK wildlawuk.org Unity
WiseTalk wisetalk.co.uk Education
The Zeitgeist Movement (UK) thezeitgeistmovementuk.com‎ Resource Management
Zero State zerostate.net Collaboration
Humanitarian Groups

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