Humanitarian Conference
Saturday October 4th, 2014 - 10:00AM

Conway Hall

25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL, UK

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The Conference

This Interactive Conference will showcase for the very first time, humanitarian individuals, groups and organisations adopting a 'unified approach' to address the urgent global humanitarian challenges that we face today. It will be a full participation conference where your ideas and positive engagement will be encouraged and most welcome.

Overview: In the face of a 'series of global humanitarian crises' (Climate Change, Food Production Concerns, War, Poverty, Rapidly Increasing Population, Ongoing Global Economic Problems, Increasing Lifestyle Costs and Stresses, Job losses due to Technology Improvements,...) - how should we, as a people, respond? If we are serious about wanting to see truly 'positive change in the world', then we need to join forces and adopt a 'unified approach' to address these major global concerns.

Tickets: There are 2 Options.

1. Balcony seats are FREE. This will allow you to hear all the Talks, engage in the video interviews if you wish, and participate in the 'Interactive Sessions' ONLINE.
2. Main Floor seats - Nominal Donation only. Due to simple floor space restrictions, these have had to be limited to the first 96 reservations (12 Tables x 8 Seats). Please book early if you want to avoid missing out on that part of the event.

NOTE: We will be FILMING the event for future campaigns and a possible documentary. During the day, you will also have the opportunity to participate in some one-to-one video interviews if you wish. Your decision to participate in this event will be considered due consent and support. Thank You.

Conference Schedule

This will be a highly interactive conference. Each of the 12 Tables will have a different subject label - Unity, Economics, Education, Collaboration, etc. These tables represent the humanitarian groups / scientific expertise from that sector of society.

1. In relation to humanity's global challenges, the speaker's will present a brief talk on their subject of expertise.
2. Each Table will then focus on coming up with the best solutions in relation to that subject and attempt to prioritise their top 3 choices.
3. A Candidate will be selected from each table to move to the Center Table representing an 'International Humanitarian Organisation of the People' to address humanity's global and scientific challenges.
4. The Candidate of the 'Subject' Table will lead the next phase. He/She will present the top 3 key ideas from their table. The focus is to work towards a 'unified consensus' of the best possible ideas that can be used to help humanity. In this way, ALL humanitarian groups are contributing towards a unified solution that supports their common agenda.

NOTE: Your ideas and input from the day will directly contribute to the next phase of this global collaboration process to unite the humanitarian sector.

Morning Session 2 Hours 30 Mins
  • 9:45 am - Registration

    Conference Registration, Tea and Coffee. Networking.

  • 10:30 am - WELCOME

    Welcome to ALL. The goals of 'One People, One World'. An Outline of the Event.

  • 10:40 am - Talk: Unity
    11:00 am - Talk: International Law
    11:10 am - Interactive Session 1

    As a People, what are our Goals?

  • 11:40 pm - Talk: A Deep Green Economy
    11:50 pm - Talk: Environment
    12:00 am - Interactive Session 2

    International Humanitarian Organisation

  • 12:30 pm - Q&A; Session

    Open Floor Q&A; Session.

Lunch Break 60 Mins
  • 1:00 pm - Lunch Break

    We will break for lunch and reconvene at 2:00pm.

"Our task is to unite humanity throughout the world. However, if you act as an individual, you will never be able to achieve that."

- Nelson Mandela (His words to 'The Elders' at their first meeting in 2007)

Afternoon Session 2 Hours 30 Mins
  • 2:00 pm - Talk: Resource Management
    2:10 pm - Talk: Sustainable Living
    2:30 pm - Interactive Session 3

    Prioritising the first steps

  • 2:55 pm - Talk: Education / Media
    3:05 pm - Interactive Session 4

    General Action Plan

  • 3:20 pm - Talk: Collaboration
    3:30 pm - Interactive Session 5

    Coordinating our work through Collaboration Tools & Teams - An extended session to organise the next steps.

  • 4:20 pm - Summary of the Day's Event

    What's coming up?

    4:30 pm - Social / After Event Drinks

Promotional Video

Your Messages

Everyone tends to have some thoughts about how we can all work together more effectively to create a better world. What would your message be? Here are some messages that have been submitted by others.

"My message to the people is that CHANGE is possible once we realise how powerful we are as a COMMUNITY. People live with the belief that the faulty system we live in is established and unchangeable. We think we have no power to make a change as the system encourages individuality and competition, which makes the individual feel alone and against the world. Once we realise we actually have the right and possibility to choose for ourselves the way we want to live our lives, we can bind our minds, hearts and ideas to create something new. Society itself has created the system, therefore, today's society must realise that it can change it."

Vania Flaccomio - Westminster Film/Television Student

"If you are truly committed to substantive social change in as short a timeframe as possible, then you must be prepared to devote all of your intelligence, talent and passion to a single, specific, unified, organized, global, simultaneous goal. You must not be distracted by ego, envy, abstractions, lower priorities, fear, impatience,or social ostracization. You must embrace the wisdom of collaboration in accord with your individuality - not in opposition to it. Anything short of these maxims will, at best, greatly delay the accomplishment of our objectives and, at worst, maintain the status quo of our chaotically, unpredictably horrible, yet wonderful world."

Marc Sanders - USA

"To me, the simple message is about unlocking and enabling the vast amount of untapped potential and passion across the world, and channelling it into the most important work humanity can do. This conference is about that work. It’s about embracing our rich diversity, and working together in ways that see us living in a world enabling and supporting opportunities for all to flourish, not only the generations alive today, but for as long as we, and our amazing co-habiting species, are privileged to call Earth our home."

Gavin Peacock - Social Entrepreneur

"We've never before been so capable of feeding, housing, clothing, educating & medically caring for ourselves as a people. The benefits we gain by unifying & working together as One People – Humanity – far outweigh the systems that keep us apart (social, cultural, spiritual, geographical, etc). It's time for us to share the planet in harmonious peace."

Mark Liberman - Activist

Speakers for the Event

Positive, Focused & Passionate People

The following speakers were selected due to their expert knowledge of their subject field and/or their passionate dedication in helping to make a truly positive difference in the world.

Talk: World Unity - The Technical Approach.

An Expert in the field of Global Resource Management.

James Phillips is the Education Spokesperson for 'The Zeitgeist Movement' - a Global Environmental Sustainability Movement.
James Phillips

Resource Management

Talk: A new Paradigm of Education: Re-discovering human potential and the pleasure of learning.

Vania is a Westminster University student currently doing a Film Production Media Arts Degree. She is specialising in 'Directing' and is the Videographer for 'One People, One World'.
Vania Flaccomio

Education & The Media

Talk: 'When facing a global crisis, how should we respond?'

Author and an Expert in all aspects related to 'Unity' - Practical, Psychological, Philosophical, Spiritual, and why unity is absolutely vital to resolving the humanitarian challenges that we face today.
Grant Dive


Talk: 'A Deep Green Economy: A new paradigm for Economics'

Former Green Party Councillor in Norwich, Author of numerous books and academic papers, Reader in Philosophy at the University of East Anglia and a very active campaigner for a more positive and ethical world. More Info:
Rupert Read

Transitioning to Ethical Economics

Talk: 'Wholistic Law and the Rights of Nature: Co-creating a New Legal Paradigm'

Mumta Ito is a former City Lawyer and founder of the 'International Centre for Wholistic Law'. She has galvanised a peoples' movement to save an island of global ecological importance and holds a vision of law that facilitates healthy relationships with all life.
Mumta Ito

International/Natural Law

Talk: How can unity solve the growing environmental crisis.

James David Parker is an International Policy Advisor who has been working as an Advisor for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). James has a degree in Politics, a Masters in International Law, and is a passionate spokesperson for a number of humanitarian groups.
James Parker



Humanitarian Partners

Truly positive change can only be achieved in the world if everyone starts to realise that they are ALL part of the overall solution. Every person, group and organisation has a positive role to play. TOGETHER they are the solution that the world needs. Just as the human body has many vital organs (groups) and millions of cells (people), all parts work together for the common good of the whole body. The global humanitarian community must do the same. It needs to 'unite and work together' to succeed in addressing the world's problems.

In alphabetical order, this list of groups represent the 'pioneering founders' of this global collaboration.

Name Website Channel
Change the Future Education
Cybernated Farm Systems Environment
Elemental Practice LLP Economics
Global Democratic Organisation global democratic organisation Collaboration
FORIFO Education
London College of Spirituality Lifestyle
Medbox Health
Metadialogics - In Development Collaboration
One Love, Get Real Unity
OnePeople International Collaboration
Peace in the City Peace / Lifestyle
Restlessbeings Social & Family
Rupert Spira Lifestyle
The Founding Family Unity
The Spring Project Economics
TimeBanks Community
UniteAndEvolve Unity
Vocal Eyes Collaboration
WeCanBeMore Economics
Wildlaw UK Unity
WiseTalk Education
The Zeitgeist Movement (UK)‎ Resource Management
Zero State Collaboration


Questions About This Event

You should attend this conference if...

1. In the face of a series of global crises, you understand that humanity needs to 'work together in unity and global cooperation' to effectively address its global problems.

2. You realise that the world's problems cannot be truly resolved while National Governments have conflicted interests based on their own economic self-interest.

3. You want to 'positively engage' and potentially play a more active role in helping to organise 'real change' in the world.

In the face of a series of global crises, humanity needs to look beyond its current psychological focus of 'self-interest'.

As a people, we need to realise that only through 'unity and working together towards our common good' do we have any real capacity to end wars, poverty, political differences, climate problems, and solve the economic and the many other underlying 'conflicted interests' and issues in global society today.

A world based on economic competition and self-interest will always tear itself apart and create stress and suffering in people's lives.

Yes - All attendees will be given a pen and a conference handout for the day with all the relevant information.

Absolutely. If you have a ticket and cannot make it on the day, you are most welcome to pass your ticket onto someone else to attend in your place.

Yes - Tea, Coffee & Biscuits will be available throughout the day.

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