‘One People, One World’

The role of this ‘Humanitarian Organisation’ is to support the global humanitarian groups and organisations which have made a commitment to work together collaboratively in order to address the serious global humanitarian challenges that we face in the world today. It is a psychologically ‘neutral space’ based on humanitarian values and goals that we share in common. No one owns it. It is a hub for global unity and cooperation. Each humanitarian individual, group and organisation that agrees to work together towards our common good, takes us one step closer to true peace and cooperation in the world.

Mission Statement:




‘We will work together in global collaboration as ‘One People’, for the common good of all people, utilising the collective scientific wisdom and most up-to-date technology from all sectors of society to help build a better world for all people, while respecting the earth’s environmental systems and protecting the state of the planet – now, and for all future generations to come.’



Collaborative Strategy:

This is a collaborative strategy. Instead of humanitarian individuals, groups and organisations all struggling to improve the state of the world alone, they focus on working together for the common good of all. Our unity, which is based on our shared values and common humanitarian focus, is our greatest strength.

The Objectives:

There are two key objectives - one is based on implementing local hub centers to address the environmental and humanitarian problems in the local community - the other is designed to unite humanity as ‘One People’ so that we become capable of truly working together in global cooperation for the common good of all people.

Local - ‘Humanitarian Environment/Education Hub Centres’


Just as there are ‘coffee chain’ outlets around the world, the hub centres will help coordinate key environmental and humanitarian objectives in the local community. They will also help to educate students, tourists and people in the local community, as to how we can all actively live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

These hubs will serve to empower the local community with the knowledge and support it needs, to help address the humanitarian challenges at the local level.

Global - ‘International Humanitarian Organisation’ (IHO)

For centuries, humanity has been operating in a state of ‘competitive economic self-interest’. National Governments focus on their own economic ‘self-interest’. Corporations focus on their own profit-driven ‘self-interest’. This mentality of competitive self-interest creates divisions and many problems in the world today, resulting in a state of ‘conflicted interest’ within humanity - an ‘everyone for themselves’ mentality.

  • Global economic debt continues to increase, year after year. Debt leads to fear and insecurity, and as a result, an even greater focus on the pursuit of money and self-interest. It’s a vicious circle.
  • National Governments are ‘not working together’ to address the problems due to also focusing on their own ‘economic self-interest’.
  • Totally ignoring the seriousness of the situation, Corporations continue to blindly pursue profit regardless of the cost to society. They exist to ‘make money’ - NOT build a better world. In pursuit of greater profits, they also try to squeeze more work out of existing staff, while cutting back on costs. People are therefore having to work longer hours for the same pay. And yet the cost of goods and living continues to climb higher and higher. This pushes even more people into debt.
  • More debt and longer hours leads to greater stress in people’s lives - and less family time. Less focus on family, often leads to greater social problems with children and family breakdowns.
  • Add to all this the demands of a growing global population putting even more stress on a ‘conflicted global system’ - and ultimately, as a result of the endless pursuit of profit, self-interest and global stress on society, the Earth’s sensitive environmental systems are now falling apart!

This state of ‘conflicted and opposing interests’ within humanity has also led to hundreds of millions of deaths due to Two World Wars, centuries of global conflicts, extreme poverty in many parts of the world, and many other forms of destructive behaviour throughout society.

The problems are serious…the need for a unified humanitarian response - URGENT!

A ‘Global Collaboration’ to change the World

As many politicians and political parties are closely aligned with Corporate lobbyists, their decision-making process is often compromised. This has also lead to various acts of corruption.

It is for these reasons, that National Governments around the world have also demonstrated time and again, that they are simply ‘psychologically incapable’ of truly working together to address the global humanitarian challenges that we face today. Due to the constant competitive self-interest, distrust, fear and aggressive mentality across the entire political sector, the public has lost all respect for possible political solutions to today’s problems. In fact, many would hold the political sector directly responsible for a number of the global problems which now exist. The lack of unity has also been highlighted many times at Environment Summits over recent decades. The UN Security Council is also constantly at odds. The bottom line - National Government leaders have little trust or respect for each other, and they lack the ‘psychological unity’ necessary to work together. So the global cooperation that the world urgently needs now - will NOT come from National Governments.

On the other hand, humanitarian individuals, groups and organisations have always had humanity’s best interests at heart. They have always tried to help improve the state of the world for the good of all people. They have tried to protect its wildlife, and have gone to great lengths to do everything possible to protect the earth’s sensitive eco-systems. However, having to work with very limited resources - and up against an all-pervasive system of economic ‘greed, corruption and self-interest’ - they are struggling to cope.

So the time has come for a ‘real change’ - based on a clear humanitarian focus that can address the global challenges that we face today.

This is a CALL to ALL Humanitarian Individuals, Groups and Organisations to now ‘work together’ to help save this precious world. We all share common values and goals - so it is simply common sense that we now unite and work together, for the common good of all people.

Working alone - we simply lack the unity, numbers and resources to succeed. But TOGETHER - our unity and common purpose will totally transform the state of the world.

Through unity, we can achieve the goals of all humanitarian groups and organisations with the implementation of an ‘International Humanitarian Organisation’. This Organisation will unite all countries together in global cooperation so that we can successfully address every humanitarian challenge that we face today.



Framework & Principles:

This Organisation provides a clear set of ‘kitemark’ directives and protocols which defines the direction, integrity and transparency of all participating groups. Under this framework, all parties joining the collaboration are treated as equal in status, on an ‘open source’ basis with no vertical hierarchy.

Each party joins on the basis that they have a specialised role which they may perform in the partnership, relevant to their cultural or technical area of expertise, and over which they will have custodianship.

This structure is designed to ensure that no two participating groups will be in competition with each other, or be required to change their preferred approach. Instead, they may logically merge their activities where a duplication of interest occurs in order to increase overall efficiency.

This Organisation is totally non-profit based and inclusive of all creeds, cultures and countries. The website is designed to ensure that all groups have equal representation and support for their ideas under their humanitarian focused subjects.