We may be stuck with the existing system for now, but here are 8 tips for living a more eco-friendly life - that may also be an inspiration to others.

Ideas: 8 Tips for living a more eco-friendly life

Here is a list of some great ideas to consider.

1. Dig for victory!

During the Second world war, recognising our vulnerability to disruption to food distribution, the government introduced the ’Dig for victory’ campaign to encourage everyone to grow their own food. Gardens throughout the land were dug up and turned into allotments and chicken houses. Window boxes were put up and panted with herbs.We are already seeing food prices steadily rising and average earnings declining. As our economy declines, food supply chains will become increasingly vulnerable. Do you have the use of a spare plot of land or even just a window sill? Now’s the time to roll up your sleeves and prepare for the spring planting season. And why not give your spare seedlings to friends and family and encourage them to do the same.

2. Home composting

Don’t throw away your raw vegetable waste and grass cuttings. Put them in a compost bin and recycle them back into your garden soil. You could even take it one stage further and install a composting lavatory in your home. Safe and hygienic systems are now available that make it possible to make your home part of a closed-loop ecosystem.

3. DIY wind turbines and solar panels for home power generation

If you’re a technical wiz in this area - help others do the same. Here is some information on DIY Wind Turbines.

Want to know about ‘Open Source Ecology’?

You may be interested in joining Open Source Ecology who are making plans freely available for anyone wishing to develop their own sustainability initiatives. There is also the Transition Network.

4. Build a biomass stove

To heat your home, using brushwood as fuel. This website will show you how.

5. Switch to a more ethical Electricity Provider

The RSPB are partnering with Ecotricity who are committed to turn away from fossil fuel sources in favour of renewables.

6. Switch to a more ethical Bank

And talking of switching to more ethical providers, are you still banking with any of the big banks? Then be sure to switch your account to one known for more ethical practices, such as the Co-operative or even a credit union.

7. Brush up on your Legal Rights

Get streetwise about where you stand with Common law, and avoid falling victim to unscrupulous companies out there who would have you believe that they have the jurisdiction and right to label you as an offender, and use the accusation as justification for demanding money with menaces from you. For example, did you know that when private parking companies send you a ‘fixed penalty’ notice for overstaying in a car park, they are in fact trying to trick you into accepting a contract with them – which is only valid if you choose to accept their ‘conditional offer’. If you receive any such penalty notice from these companies, simply write on the envelope ‘No Contract – return to sender’ and pop it back in the post to them!

This must see video reveals the secret of the ‘Strawman’ legal fiction used by Government agencies to keep you subservient to their corporate rulebooks.

8. Dealing with Debt

If you or your family are struggling with debts, then getoutofdebtfree is another site you might want to consider joining.

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