We are now welcoming all submissions for the

- Saturday October 4th, 2014 -

This is a Humanitarian Conference for the People of the World. It will be a genuine and honest dialogue on the current state of our world, the global systems that control it, and how we can work together as 'One People' - to create a better world for all.




London 2014 Humanitarian Conference

The focus of the conference is global unity and collaboration to address the major humanitarian challenges that we face today.

This will be a very open and interactive conference with a strong focus on collaborative interaction. We want to encourage as many people as possible that appreciate the need for greater unity and collaboration in the world, to submit their ideas and make their contributions to this conference.

The deadline for all submissions will be June 30th. We will consider late submissions providing you include reasonable justification.

All submissions should be accompanied by a brief outline (about 100 - 400 words) highlighting how it relates to the theme of the Conference. The conference venue is still to be decided, however it will likely be held at one of the London Universities.

The following formats are acceptable. We will also consider other formats outside this scope if you feel it contributes to the focus and goal of the Conference.

  • Artwork, Short Films, Videos, Research Papers, Reports, Articles, Abstracts, Poetry, Music and Dance.

Please note that the file upload limit is 10MB. If this is not large enough for your file, then drop us an email on the contact page and we'll arrange it by email.

Conference Goals:


The following list outlines some of the key goals of the Conference.

  • To encourage full and active participation in the Event
  • To highlight the common values and goals that we share as a people, for a better world.
  • To practically demonstrate that we are capable of globally working together in cooperation for the benefit of all people based on those values and goals.
  • To encourage people to realise that we ALL have a role to play. No one person or group has ALL the answers. That TOGETHER - we ALL form part of the overall solution for a better world. And therefore unity and global collaboration based on our common purpose and goals as a People - is our greatest strength.
  • That the 'conflicted interests' between National Governments is the major problem in the world today. To truly help improve our world, it is absolutely vital that we address this problem!
  • To clearly demonstrate that such unity and common purpose between people, governments and countries can be achieved through a 'unified approach' which is founded on humanitarian principles and based on a scientific framework.
  • That when humanity unites and works together as ONE PEOPLE - every single major problem that we face in the world today can be solved. The decision is ours to make.



Research Paper

Research Paper

Research submissions are welcome. Your research may highlight the benefits of unity over divisions, cooperation over competition, shared-interest over self-interest. It could also provide clear evidence of the urgent need for global unity and cooperation to address the world's challenges and improve the quality of life for all people.

Articles / Abstracts


Articles and Abstracts are welcome. They should include at least 400 - 1000 words, with the remainder of the article forwarded upon completion by no later than July 30th, 2014. Your article should in some way relate to the theme of the conference or have a specific humanitarian focus which is of clear benefit to improving the state of the world and people's lives everywhere.

Photos / Graphics


Photographs or images that highlight the very best of humanity or a vision of global collaboration are also most welcome.

You can send a copy using the submission form below. We will also display all accepted works on the website along with the photographer's/artist's contact details.



Do you have a piece of music that you feel represents the focus of the Conference?

You are welcome to forward a sample through which we will consider playing at some point during the conference.



The focus of any artwork should in some way illustrate or relate to the humanitarian principles and/or vision of this global collaboration.

Use the submission form below to send a photo of your artwork. If the review panel likes your work - you may also be invited to display it at the conference. We would like the conference to represent the creativity and combined wisdom of people from all backgrounds, countries and cultures whereever possible.

All artwork submissions that relate to the principles of this global collaboration will be presented on this website along with the artist's contact details.

Short Films / Videos


We would love to view any short films or videos that relate to the theme of the conference. Again, all relevant submissions will be posted on the website with the appropriate credits. If the file size of the film exceeds 20MB, simply forward a URL link where the film can be viewed.



Poetry or abstracts of poems that relate to the spirit of unity and global collaboration are most welcome. Again, we will look at placing all accepted versions on the website with the author's contact details.



Do you have a dance routine that you would like to perform? We encourage all artistic forms of dance that relate to the theme of the day.



- Will be based on a REAL WORLD Simulation -


To help people better appreciate the concept of a 'unified humanitarian approach' and the incredible benefits that can be achieved when humanity works together as ONE PEOPLE, the conference will create a REAL-WORLD simulation and film it for future discussion and debate.


Click the Graphic below to view the 'pdf' file.

About Us:


'One People, One World' is a fully independent, not-for-profit Organisation. Our focus is to work collaboratively with people around the world who understand the urgent need for greater unity and global cooperation to address the world's problems.