STEP 1 – Linking Up. The first step to unity is to ‘Link Up’. When we link up and work together via the internet, we have taken one of the first important steps to uniting the world. We are demonstrating our commitment to each other, to work together towards our common good.

What does linking up mean?

Today – most people recognise a ‘facebook or twitter’ icon when they see it. And if you click the icon, you get directed to the appropriate site. So what if we did the same.


We currently use a ‘People icon’. The reason for this very simple choice was that this is a ‘collaboration for humanity’ – it’s about all of us working together as One People. We are always open to suggestions for better ideas though, or a better design if you have one.

Here are a few examples. Both link to this website. (Icon – Top right) (Text Link near the bottom)

So by each of us ‘linking up’ to this site, we can establish a far greater international presence. The more of us that do this, the faster we will be able to achieve the goals!

No one owns this site – it is for the benefit of everyone. It has been designed as an ‘umbrella site’ for the benefit of people that support its core directives – which are based on common humanitarian goals that we all share. If you have ideas or suggestions which you wish to make, you are always welcome to submit them. They will be reviewed by an growing team of people, and if enough people agree with you, they will be implemented. It’s that simple.

This following link will show you how to link up.

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