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Calling for Real Change
Russell Brand
London 2014 Humanitarian Conference

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This is a Humanitarian Conference for the People of the World. It will be a genuine and honest dialogue on the current state of our world, the global systems that control it, and how we can work together as 'One People' - to create a better world for all.

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Join this Global Collaboration and let's build a better world together.

May, 9, 2013. 17:24 PM
Link Up

PHASE 1 - We Link Up and start Working Together towards the common good of all people. Our world is facing some serious international crises and the reality is simple - we need to work together to fix them. For decades, the humanitarian sector has struggled to cope with the challenges that result from a world that is in competitive conflict with itself. Today - There are literally thousands of humanitarian groups and organisations trying to help make a positive difference in the world, and many millions of people actively involved - Action Aid, Amnesty International, AVAAZ, Christian Aid, Free World Cha ...

June, 19, 2013. 16:34 PM
One People, One World - Humanitarian Conferences

Global Conferences LONDON 2014 Conference Planning has already begun for the LONDON 2014 Conference next year. For the first time in our history, humanitarian individuals and groups are uniting under the banner of a single Organisation, and will work together to help address the world's problems. This will be a full participation Conference, where those attending will be encouraged to submit their ideas, get directly involved if they wish, and play an integral part of the development of this Humanitarian Organisation and its key goals. Current Groups Involved: Th ...

August, 15, 2013. 17:50 PM
International Media
April, 3, 2014. 12:50 PM
International Humanitarian Organisation (of the People)

How do we do it?   It is by far the one question that people ask the most - "How do we transition to a world based on peace, unity and global cooperation to address humanity's problems?" Simple - We unite and work together as 'One People'. And the good news - This transition has already begun! Globally, a transformation towards unity is also taking place. The internet has played a major role in this change. People now have instant access to news and global events. They are more informed and ideas are being shared more quickly. Our 'global consciousness' i ...


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Words of Wisdom

We’ve never before been so capable of feeding, housing, clothing & medically caring for ourselves as a people. The benefits we gain by unifying & working together as One People – Humanity – far outweigh the systems that keep us apart (social, cultural, spiritual, geographical, etc).

It’s time for us to share the planet in harmonious peace.

Mark Liberman Activist


Global Collaboration

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LONDON 2014 Humanitarian Conference

Linking Up

The Benefits of Linking Up


Unity & Working Together

James Parker highlights why 'International Laws' so often fail to ever work.
Wealth Inequality in America - symbolic of a major problem in countries all around the world.
Jamie Dunmore poetically highlights and challenges many of the views about life and society today.
Z-Day London 2013 | Global Strategy | Together - How we can solve the world's problems by utilising our 'Collective Wisdom'.